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Carrier Screen

Get clinically accurate semen analysis results and speak with fertility counsellors that help you monitor your reproductive health and become a parent, at a price you can afford. All online and from the comfort of your home.


Expanded Carrier Screening

Pera Labs Expanded Carrier Screen (ECS) is one of the most comprehensive and accurate carrier screens available, with personalized residual risk reporting based on a patient’s molecular ancestry.

More than 400 insights to guide family planning

What is carrier screening?

When you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you want everything to go right. While most babies are born healthy, with every pregnancy there is a small chance of having a baby with a genetic disorder.1 With Invitae carrier screening you can learn your risk for passing on an inherited genetic disorder to your child.

Carrier screening is a type of genetic test that analyzes your DNA to provide specific information about your child’s risk for certain genetic disorders. This information allows you to make informed reproductive choices.

You can learn more about Expanded Carrier Screening here.


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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm


How much does male fertility testing cost?

At a traditional lab or clinic, the cost of a sperm analysis is typically around 200–400 USD/EUR. That is not to mention the terrible and uncomfortable user experience wasting time in the waiting room and trying to get in to the mood to provide a sample on-site.

Pera Labs’s Sperman at-home sperm testing cost is a fraction of a traditional clinic. A sperm analysis costs 99 USD/EUR and it comes with a free mobile app providing access to fertility specialists to hep improve your results. Order your Sperman at-home sperm test kit today to understand your fertility in two business days.

Sperman at-home male fertility test is the only clinical grade male fertility test you can take from the comfort of your home to test your sperm health.

The Sperman male fertility sperm test is designed for people with sperm who want to understand their fertility and have peace of mind when trying to start their family.

This test is equivalent to taking a test in the lab or fertility clinic – without leaving your home and awkward waiting rooms, sample cup in hand. It is an easy way to test, understand and – if needed – improve your sperm at an affordable price.

Thanks to Superman’s proprietary AI technology that has been developed in compliance with latest WHO standards and with the scientific team that co-developed these standards, you get 98% accurate results in 48h.

The test results are easy to understand and cover the essential parameters that are clinically and scientifically required to assess your ability to conceive.

The sperm test is accompanied by a free mobile App which provides consultation with one of the US based and European fertility experts with 30 years of experience helping couples with male fertility challenges to conceive naturally.

You can get your results within 48h with Sperman.

Once you order, we provide free express shipping to your door, plus free express 24h shipping back to our Pera Labs facilities in Philadelphia in US or in Malta in EU. Our proprietary AI-powered semen analyzer and sorter system analyzes your sample immediately upon arrival, and results are available in up to 1-3h. anyways you will get a push notification from our app when the report is ready to view and share.

Sperm analysis should test: 

• Volume of semen 

• Quantity of sperm (concentration and total number of spermatozoa) 

• Motility: how efficiently and how fast sperm move 
• DNA Integrity: how much sperm DNA is damage-free 

A good sperm analysis is not a direct test of fertility, it provides guidance to the chance of having a baby and can be a starting point for further investigation; achieving a pregnancy remains possible even for those with severe deficits.

If the Sperman at-home sperm test detects abnormalities, our fertility counsellors will assist you in pinpointing the underlying problem and provide personalised advice to help improve your sperm quality.

Learn more about this here.

You do not need a doctor’s prescription to order a Sperman kit. Going the traditional route, sperm health fertility isn’t prescribed until a couple has been trying for at least 12 months. It should though! Human sperm health issues can be fixed with simple lifestyle changes, especially if detected early on.

Sperman at-home sperm testing kit uses a proprietary transport package developed with our scientific partners. Our package, including our clinically-validated transport jar and solution, preserves the quality of the sample for more than 24h. With sperm shipment, you may experience up to an 6-8% drop in sperm motility, a tiny error margin with nearly no effect on test efficacy. What enables Sperman to offer clinical-grade sperm tests is that we operate our own labs and use our patented AI-powered sperm analysis platform. Our AI performs at 98% accuracy with less than a 20% error margin — validated against WHO standards & ISO 15189 compliant labs in US and EU
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