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What They Say about Our Technology

“We've been waiting for such innovations in our clinics. It's been too long. I cannot wait to recommend SPERMAN to my patients”

Julie Foucher, MD, Embryologist

“Sitting infront of the microscope and performing the analysis of human semen is exhausting, difficult and no fun. I'm glad someone thought an automated solution that saves days”

Javier Suarez, IVF Lab Tech

Our Solutions

How are we helping couples and fertility clinics?

Next Gen Sperm Analysis 

We have developed AI-powered sperm analysis device for fertility clinics.

SPERMAN provides all-in one solution for time consuming and labor intensive sperm assessment procedures.

Cloud Based Egg Selection

HUGO is a cloud based egg (oocyte) quality analysis tool.

IVF Treatment Management for Clinics

FIMS provides all-in-one digital management platform for clinics to monitor couple's reproductive health and the pregnancy.

Over 15 years of research in reproductive health and working with patients from different socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds and from developed and developing countries, Our CEO, Burak Özkösem, Ph.D had witnessed a challenge to help the couples to conceive healthy children despite the technological advancements in medicine. Somehow reproductive health field had been lacking the innovative solutions. That’s why Pera Labs was born to bridge the gap between digital solutions such as AI and reproductive health.

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